Who are we?

Incontro Prefabbricati


Having over two decades of experience in the construction industry, Incontro Prefabbricati is the business partner that you can always rely on. We are using innovative products and solutions when it comes to prefabricated reinforced concrete and we are guiding you through the entire building process.

Incontro Prefabbricati is a part of Lombarda Group, Italian leader in the prefabricated reinforced concrete segment, highly appreciated in its segment. Due to our partnership with Lombarda Prefabbricati and Prelco Italia, we had an important advantage from our competitors, as we could use the technological and managerial know-how in the implementation of numerous industrial and civil constructions, which have enjoyed international recognition.

Our 25 years experience on the prefabricated reinforced concrete recommend us to propose personalized solutions, focused on the real needs of our client, regardless of the scale of the project, as well as anticipating any possible situations that might occur during the entire process.

As developers and owners of numerous industrial parks, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can streamline costs for our clients by providing them with a complete package of services that include the design and execution of works, as well as management and maintenance of constructions that will prove their endurance over time.