Incontro Prefabbricati is part of the Lombarda Group, a presence that maintains top market position due to the quality of the solutions it provides, to its absolute credibility, to its long-term investment policy and strategy, all these allowing the enhancement of the product and service range.
Lombarda Prefabbricati Group together with Incontro Prefabbricati, it belongs to the Lombarda Prefabbricati Group and Prelco Italia, being specialized in high-quality walls and finishing.
Lombarda Prefabbricati with over 30,000 m² of covered surfaces and an annual production of more than 100,000 m³ concrete, Lombarda Prefabbricati is one of the important presences in the sector, specialized in the design and production of cover structures and standard finish walls.
Prelco Italiapartner of the prestigious company Prelco Svizzera, it shares with the latter significant synergies, as well as research and technology development. Prelco Italia is active in the sector of special prefabricated elements, manufacturing wall panels and special prefabricated elements made of reinforced concrete of highest quality, and of superior architectural and functional value.
Lombarda Divisione Stradaledesign and production of special prefabricated elements.



Incontro Prefabbricati is part of the Lombarda Prefabbricati SPA Group - Montichiari (BS), Italian leader in industrial and civil constructions made of precast reinforced concrete.